Wolftown (2016)



1. Little Queen Victoria

2. Chestnut Avenue

3. Wolftown Blues

4. Mind Destroying Girl

5. The Muse Returned


6. When We Just Wanted To Rock

(Hidden track: "Boah")


7. Why Do I See You?

(Hidden mini-Ep: "Wolftown's Nights Fragments":

7a. Why Do I See You? [Cont.]

7b. Down The River Suite: Down The River Blues & You Told Me

7c. Wolftown Jam I

7d. Wolftown Jam II

7e. Cold As A Stone)


8. El Sueño Sevillano

9. Evolution Of A Night

10. Glorious Time

11. You Look Like

12. Please, Don't Call Me Today

13. Niña

14. Fool In Love

(Hidden Track: "Hidemountain Lake Surf Vibe")


Guitars and vocals - Martin Laumeyer

Drums, percussion and backing vocals - Kilian Tieste

Bass and backing vocals - Alex Ströhlein


All songs written and composed by Martin Laumeyer.

Produced by Kilian Tieste.


Recorded in Wolfenbüttel, Germany from March to September 2016.

Artwork by El Andaluz. Edited by Christoph Wockenfuß.


Released on 10/29/2016.


© 2016 El Andaluz. All rights reserved.



"Little Queen Victoria" was featured in a report about the German-Record-Store-Week 2016 by NDR 1 NDS Radio.


"Niña" was featured multiple times on 104.6 Okerwelle Radio from Brunswick, Germany.


An early live version of "Why Do I See You?" alongside a cover of "Coming Into Los Angelese" was featured on Harz TV/TV38. It was recorded during our second performance at the Kahnteich Festival 2013 in Goslar and was aired later that year.


The record contains multiple hidden tracks, which are mostly smaller and unfinished songs. "Boah" at the end of "When We Just Wanted To Rock" is a small studio outtake of Alex playing bass and moaning. 


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