1. Step Out Of The Line (Revisited)

2. Easy Living

3. Friendzone (Revisited)

4. Stay At Home

5. Friends In The Park (Revisited)

6. Grote Tang

7. Nich Wohl Tau Maue (added 10.01.2022)


Guitars, vocals, programming (3) - Martin Laumeyer

Drums, percussion, keys and backing vocals - Kilian Tieste

Bass - Justin Fraatz

Guitar (1-3) - Finn Lukas Pöhlmann


All songs written and composed by Martin Laumeyer.

Arranged by El Andaluz.

 Lyrics Grote Tang by Hans-Hinrich Kahrs.

Lyrics Nich Wohl Tau Maue by Anne Gonda and Hilka H. Jeworre. 

Recorded 2019-2021.

Artwork by El Andaluz. 


Originally released via SoundCloud on 05/21/2021.



 © 2021 El Andaluz. All rights reserved.