Other Side (2022)


1. Texas Switch

2. Green Light

3. Other Side

4. Complicated Affair

5. About Your Fame


Guitars and vocals - Martin Laumeyer

Guitars - Finn Lukas Pöhlmann

Drums, percussion and backing vocals - Kilian Tieste

Bass and backing vocals - Justin Fraatz


All songs written and composed by Martin Laumeyer.

Arrangement by El Andaluz.

Produced, engineered, mixed and recorded by Benjamin Bako.


Recorded at Whiteline Music in Braunschweig, Germany from July to August 2021.

Additional recording in Wolfenbüttel, Germany in March 2022

Cover art by Florian Berghöfer. Additional editing by Martin Laumeyer.

Special thanks to Arne Neurand for helping us with "Texas Switch".


In loving memory of Ulrich Laumeyer.


Released digitally on 05/13/2022.


 © 2022 El Andaluz. All rights reserved.