This section of our website contains all of those songs, that are not feature on one of our records. This includes cover songs, as well as non-album singles.


Early covers, one-offs and unreleased originals (2011-2014; 2017; 2019)


Some originals, especially from the early days, that we have played live already, have not been released yet: "Summer Killer", "Ginger Line", "Let it be Inside", "Far Away", "Writing a Song", "Oh my Darling (Vers. 1 & 2)", "Black Widow Blues" "Oh my Lovely", "Doctor Zhivago" and "Give Me The Time (Side B)". 


We also played songs by The Doors ("The End", "People Are Strange", "Light My Fire" ) and Canned Heat ("Refried Boogie"). Also, "Ma Cherie" (DJ Antoine), "Stand by Me" (Ben E. King) and "I'll Be Your Man" (TBK) were frequently played. The riff from "I Got Mine" by The Black Keys was used as an intro during these early days, too. The anthem of Spanish football side Betis and "Sr. Troncoso" by Spanish rock band Triana were covers we performed in Spanish.


On our show on the 5th of August, 2017, we performed a one-off cover of "Beautiful" by P.O.D..


On our last show of 2019 we played a version of the Oasis classic "Wonderwall", marking the first time, someone else sang lead vocals in El Andaluz other than Martin. Caspar Hauser, a substitute bass player, guitarist and close friend took over the vocals for a short rendition of the song. 


"Coming Into Los Angelese" (cover) / "Why Do I See You?" (2013)


A cover of "Coming Into Los Angelese" alongside an early live version of "Why Do I See You?" was featured on Harz TV/TV38. It was recorded during our second performance at the Kahnteich Festival 2013 in Goslar and was aired later that year. The song was originally written by Arlo Guthrie.


"Have Mercy On Me" (cover)  (2014/ 2021)


In the Fall of 2014 we played this classic by the late blues legend Junior Kimbrough. Recordings of our version exist but were not released yet. We recorded a version exclusively for the Magnum Song Festival 2021.


"Fever" (cover) (ocassionally since 2014)

Since the release of "Turn Blue" by The Black Keys, we played this instant classic ocassionally on some live sets. Recordings of our version exist but were not released yet.


"The Weight" (cover) (2017)


On 2/27/2017/ we published a cover version of "The Weight" by The Band. We played this song live multiple times.


"Lost and Found Emporium" (2018)


Celebrating our 50th show, we decided to release a brand-new song entitled "The Lost and Found Emporium", which is inspired by a 1980's Twilight Zone episode of a similar name and Oscar Wilde's classic "The Picture of Dorian Gray". It was later re-released as a digital single.

"Na Na Na" & "Riss in der Hose" (2018-2019)

On some of our live shows we played an interlude entitled "Na Na Na" based on "Cambiado" including fragmental covers by Die Kassierer ("Das Schlimmste"), Paveier ("Dat Jeiht Vorbei") and Wolfgang Petty ("Verlieben, Verloren, Vergessen, Verzeihen"). 

Also, we performed the song "Riss in der Hose" from SpongeBob on a couple of occasions. 

"Haare" (2019)


As part of a April Fool's Day joke we released a demo version of our joke song "Haare", marking our first release in our native language German. We played the song on multiple occasions.



"Friends In The Park Revisited" (2019)


The 9th of September 2019, marked our tenth anniversary. For that occasion we shared a demo version of a new rendition of one of our classic songs from the early days called "Friends In The Park". The video goes down the memory lane, showing some impressions of former line-ups and giving a full list of all our current and previous members and contributers.

"Screaming Eagle" (2019)


While recording demos for new songs to come, we decided to share one called "Screaming Eagle", a tribute song to the late Charles Bradley. Written just a few days after his passing, the song is structured like a Shakespearean sonnet.

"Stay at Home" (2020)


During the early stages of the Corona crisis of 2020 we decided to record and produce -probably- the first song and music video completely in isolation worldwide. We asked some friends to share their artistic views on the crisis and this is what we got:

"American Horror Story-Theme" (cover) (2020)


We decided to record one of TV's most famous intro themes and do a video in a smiliar style.

"Grote Tang" (2020)


For the Plattsounds band contest 2020 we recorded a Low German version of "Magnum Dong". Low German is a German languange variety spoken mostly in Northern Germany.

"Smokestack Lightnin' (Cover)" (2021)


During the pandemic, it was not allowed to rehearse like we used to do. Thus, there was no way to do music other than alone. While recording demos in these times, this take on the classic "Smokestack Lightnin'" was produced and paired with a music video depicting the landscape during that one harsh winter week in February.

"Nich Wohl Tau Maue" (2021)


For the Plattsounds band contest 2021 we recorded a Low German version of "Ain't Feeling Right". Low German is a German languange variety spoken mostly in Northern Germany, though these lyrics were written in another variety og Lower German, unique to our home region. It was added to our compilation "Freemium Emporium".

"Cantares/ Himno del Betis/ You Ain't Going Nowhere" (2022)


At the "Bock auf Rock" festival we played our own rendition of "You Ain't Going Nowhere" by Bob Dylan with lyrics by The Byrds. It was preceeded by acapella excerpts of the Spanish classic "Cantares" and the anthem of Andalusian football side Real Betis.

"Free Fallin'" (2022)


At the "Salzig Bandcontest" we encountered technical difficulties. To continue with the show, Benny started playing the Tom Petty classic spontaneously. No recording exists.